Pesants Revolt | 1981 | 184 cm x 500 cm | Öl auf Leinwand

The Peasants Revolt 1381 in 3 pieces 184cmx100cm  / 184x200cm / 184cmx100cm painted in 1981.

Painted in a first floor studio access was over a ladder onto the Balcony at the back of Boarded up House at the end of Bristol’s Coronation Road, in a sort of rough and ready artist community squat/commune.

Left panel shows the march on to London with Ten densely packed figures in a sort of Relief they seem to have arrived by Boat there is a prow at the front of the Picture at the bottom left hand corner is the head of what could be an Ichiyosauria or a primordial Crocodile the tail appears on the right hand Panel(the proverbial crocodile under the bed). Top left sits a man with a Fez smoking on a theater balcony to his right is a Curtain an Arm reaches down through foliage and pours a monkey faced Idiot a drink in the middle of the Panel an Rebel Archer connects the left hand panel to the center panel Behind him is someone who could be Watt Tyler wearing what could be a Cardinals Red flat Hat backed up by a less flamboyant figure in green possibly an advisor behind them is a couple and below them 3 marching Rebel Soldiers
Center Panel is viewed over 2 of the Kings Crossbows the Watt Tyler figure has been struck with an elaborate movement from the kings swordsman here are also drinks being served from a Page in the bottom left hand corner above a horned Juggler is pictured with all balls motionless in the air to his right is an Arch Bishop wearing a Miter to his right is the young king masked crowned and on a Horse. The Composition continues to climb upwards and backwards A Soldier on a Ladder shields the eyes of an Arabic figure dressed as a Grand Vizier wearing a Turbaned Fez with a Telescope They are both standing in the large leaves of a kind of Tree to the right of this there is a roughly painted cloud.

Right Panel Begins on the right hand side of the Center panel with a sort of Cage in which the protagonists are being pulled away in by a Gas Bottle driven Tug Car of the type driven in warehouses In the Cage is a Mercenary like Dog handler with dark glasses and a jungle hat on. Above the Prisoners there is a party like scene the balcony and the man with the Fez is there joined by the Bishop a celebrating couple and a Business man. In the top right hand corner a searching soldier sword drawn runs behind the Curtain into a flame filled space

The composition is based on a cross but not in the sense of the Big Booby where it was an upright X here the cross is lying down.
The Horizontal line running through the 2 side panels and the 2nd top to bottom line going from the front over the crossbows to the King at the back . Picture Painted for the entrance exam at the Royal college of Art 1982.

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